Branded a Bandit (1924) / Iron Rider (1926)

 Stars: Yakima Canutt, Judge Hamilton, Elsa Benham
Director: Paul Hurst / Jacques Jaccard
Runtime: 57 Minutes / 61 Minutes
Language: English subtitles - Orchestra scores
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR

Price: $16.95

Branded, a Bandit

Directed by Paul Hurst

Yakima Canutt .... Jess Dean
Judge Hamilton .... Granddaddy Jim Turner
Wilbur McGaugh .... 'Horse' Williams
Alys Murrell .... Jennie Williams

A miner has struck it rich and gives some ore to cowhand Jess Dean to take to his granddaughter. But Horse Williams has the miner shot and uses the ore found on Jess to accuse him of the murder. Jess escapes from the mob of townspeople who later learn that the body of the supposedly dead miner has mysteriously disappeared.

57 Minutes

The Iron Rider

Directed by Jacques Jaccard

Yakima Canutt .... Yak Halliday
Elsa Benham .... Anita Nelson
Jim Corey .... Parson Larkin
Lee Sepulveda .... 'Knife' Morgan
Alfred Hewston .... 'Flash' Clayton
Nelson McDowell .... Drunk
Boy .... Yak's horse

After he loses his money and horse in a poker game, Yak learns he was cheated. But then he learns that the men that cheated him are wanted and have a price on their heads. This gives him a chance to get his money back and more, so he sets out after them.

61 Minutes