The Lost Jungle (1934)

Stars: Clyde Beatty, Cecilia Parker, Syd Saylor & Warner Richmond
Director: David Howard and Armand Schaefer
Runtime: 68 minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R (region free)
Rating: NR
Price: $12.95

The Lost Jungle

Directors: David Howard & Armand Schaefer

Clyde Beatty ... Clyde Beatty
Cecilia Parker ... Ruth Robinson
Syd Saylor ... Larry Henderson
Warner Richmond ... Sharkey
Edward LeSaint ... Capt. Robinson
Wheeler Oakman ... Kirby
Lew Meehan ... Flynn
Max Wagner ... Slade
Wes Warner ... Jackman
Harry Holman ... Maitland
Crauford Kent ... Prof. Livingston
with The Hagenbeck-Wallace Animals

In an unusual move, this feature film version was made simultaneously with the serial by re-filming several principal scenes with different dialog, and several other principal scenes altogether new, particularly the ending, thereby creating an essentially new and different story.

When his gal, Ruth Robinson, is shipwrecked on the remote island of Kamor Clyde Beatty leaps at the chance to join the rescue party! And its a good thing too for only “the worlds greatest animal trainer” can hope to keep the wild beasts of this lost island in check! 68 minutes