The Pony Express (1925)

Stars: Ricardo Cortez, Betty Compson, Ernest Torrence, Wallace Beery, George Bancroft
Director: James Cruze
Runtime: 67 Minutes
Language: English subtitles - Orchestra score
Color:  Black and White
Extras: Wandering Willing with Lupino Lane
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR
Price: $16.95

The Pony Express

Directed by James Cruze

Betty Compson ... Molly Jones
Ricardo Cortez ... Jack Weston
Ernest Torrence ... 'Ascension' Jones
Wallace Beery ... Rhode Island Red
George Bancroft ... Jack Slade
Frank Lackteen ... Charlie Bent
Johnny Fox ... Billy Cody
William H. Turner ... William Russell
Al Hart ... Senator Glen
Charles Gerson ... Sam Clemens
Rose Tapley ... Aunt
Vondell Darr ... Baby

James Cruze attempted to follow up the success of THE COVERED WAGON with this rousing story of the founding of the Pony Express in the early days of the Civil War. Plenty of talent is entertainingly displayed, from Wallace Beery at his coyest, Ricardo Cortez as the hero, Ernest Torrence as a loony Bible-thumper, George Bancroft as the sly villain, and the ever-delightful Betty Compson to excellent camera-work by Karl Brown.

67 Minutes

Included short subject:

Wandering Willie
with Lupino Lane
8 Minutes