The Phantom Cowboy - The Phantom of the Range

Stars: Ted Wells, Tom Tyler, Beth Marion, Doris Brook, George Chesebro, Sammy Cohen
Director: Robert J. Horner / Robert F. Hill
Runtime: 50 minutes & 58 minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R (region free)
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95

The Phantom Cowboy

Director: Robert J. Horner

Ted Wells ... Bill Collins / The Phantom
Doris Brook ... Ruth Rogers
George Chesebro ... Buck Houston
Jimmy Aubrey ... Ptomaine Pete
Richard Cramer ... Hank Morgan
Lew Meehan ... Crooked Foreman Mason
Frank Clark ... Sheriff
James Sheridan ... Jack Rogers
Rosamond Wagman ... Rancher's Daughter

A rare Ted Wells western. Cowboy Bill Collins and his sidekick Ptomaine Pete team up with the mysterious Phantom against a deadly gang of claim jumpers led by saloon owner Buck Houston. Houston is a real scoundrel who also cons poor Ruth Rogers to travel West for a teaching job only to force to work as a dancer in his saloon. 50 minutes

The Phantom of the Range

Director: Robert F. Hill (as Bob Hill)

Tom Tyler ... Jerry Lane
Beth Marion ... Jeanne Moore
Sammy Cohen ... Eddie Parsons
Soledad Jiménez ... Perdita the Housekeeper
Forrest Taylor ... Brandon
Charles King ... Henchman Mark Graden
John Elliott ... Rancher
Richard Cramer ... Sheriff

Cowboy Jerry Lane finds Jeanne Moore stranded the desert and desperate for water... for her automobile?! Jerry learns she is going to the ranch of her late grandfather which has just come up for auction. Jerry purchases the ranch to help Jeanne but finds himself against Brandon and his henchmen who believe the late rancher hid his gold somewhere on the property. 58 minutes.