Klondike (1932)

Stars: Thelma Todd, Lyle Talbot and Henry B. Walthall
Director: Phil Rosen
Runtime: 72 minutes + 11 minute short
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Extra: War Babies (1930) Shirley Temple
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95


Director: Phil Rosen

Thelma Todd  ... Klondike
Lyle Talbot  ... Dr. Robert Cromwell
Henry B. Walthall  ... Mark Armstrong
Jason Robards Sr.  ... Jim Armstrong
Priscilla Dean  ... Miss Porter
Tully Marshall  ... Editor Hinman
Pat O'Malley  ... Burke
Myrtle Stedman  ... Miss Fielding
Ethel Wales  ... Sadie Jones
George 'Gabby' Hayes  ... Tom Ross
Frank Hawks  ... Donald Evans

Dr. Robert Cromwell loses a patient when a risky surgery to remove a brain tumor goes wrong and is tried for murder. Though acquitted of any criminal wrong-doing, public opinion and the Medical Association are still against him, so he decides to join his friend and flight instructor Don Evans on a long distance flight to Tokyo. However rough weather forces them to crash land in the in Alaskan wilderness killing Evans and injuring Cromwell. Luckily a fur trapper finds him and delivers him to Armstrong Trading post. There he recovers, tended by Klondike, the caretaker of the trading post who is betrothed to Jim Armstrong, a young man suffering from the same condition as Cromwell's late patient. Cromwell still believes in the risky surgery and may just have a chance to help Jim. 72 Minutes

Included Short Subject

War Babies (1932)

with Shirley Temple - 11 minutes