A Woman Alone (1936)

Stars: Anna Sten, Henry Wilcoxon, John Garrick, Viola Keats
Director: Eugene Frenke
Runtime: 78 minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R (region free)
Rating: NR

Price: $9.95

*Quality Note: The audio on this transfer suffers from a flutter. Though we worked to reduce the problem it remains noticeable at several points.

A Woman Alone
(A.K.A. Two Who Dared)

Director: Eugene Frenke

Anna Sten ... Maria Krasnova aka Maria Novikova
Henry Wilcoxon ... Capt. Nicolai Ilyinski
Viola Keats ... Olga Ilyinski
John Garrick ... Yakov Sharialev
Romilly Lunge ... Lt. Tuzenback
Esme Percy ... General Petroff
Francis L. Sullivan ... Prosecutor
Guy Middleton ... Alioshka
Peter Gawthorne ... President of Court Martial
Frank Atkinson ... Porter
Minnie Rayner ... Lousha
Pat Noonan ... Sergeant

Nicolai, an up-and-coming officer in the Imperial Russian military, meets and falls in love with the charming and willful peasant Maria. Later after Nicolai is married happenstance brings Maria to work in his home as his wife’s maid and their passions threaten everyone’s happiness. 78 minutes