Zorro's Black Whip (1944)

Stars: Linda Stirling, George J. Lewis, Lucien Littlefield
Director: Spencer Gordon Bennet, Wallace Grissell
Runtime: 180 minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  Two DVD-R Discs (region free)
Rating: NR
Price: $14.95

Zorro's Black Whip

Directors: Spencer Gordon Bennet, Wallace Grissell

Linda Stirling ... Barbara Meredith
George J. Lewis ... Vic Gordon
Lucien Littlefield ... 'Tenpoint' Jackson
Francis McDonald ... Dan Hammond
Hal Taliaferro ... Henchman Baxter
John Merton ... Henchman Ed Harris
John Hamilton ... Mr. Walsh
Tom Chatterton ... Crescent City Councilman
Tom London ... Commissioner James Bradley
Jack Kirk ... Marshal Wetherby

Idaho, 1889 - Law abiding citizens have called for a vote to bring their territory into the Union. But sinister forces, opposed to the coming of law and order, instigate a reign of Terror against the lives and property of all who favored statehood.

Undercover Federal Agent Vic Gordon comes in to discover just who is behind the gangs opposing statehood. There he finds local help from the mysterious vigilante known as the Black Whip.

Twelve chapters on two DVD discs - 180 minutes