Films of Bobby Breen

Stars: Bobby Breen, Charles Ruggles, Dolores Costello, Irene Dare, Ned Sparks
Director: Edward F. Cline
Runtime: 143 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR

Price: $9.95

Breaking the Ice

Directed by Edward F. Cline

Bobby Breen .... Tommy Martin
Charles Ruggles .... Samuel Terwilliger
Dolores Costello .... Martha Martin
Irene Dare .... Irene Dare
Robert Barrat .... William Decker
Dorothy Peterson .... Annie Decker
John 'Dusty' King .... Henry Johnson
Billy Gilbert .... Mr. Small
Margaret Hamilton .... Mrs. Small
Charles Murray .... Janitor

Familiar faces such as Charlie Ruggles, Dolores Costello, Billy Gilbert, Charlie Murray, John 'Dusty" King can only be pluses in what is a fairly typical typical Breen opus. Other niceties are the addition of child skating prodigy Irene Dare, some great little songs, and Bobby's always professional and cheery disposition. 80 Minutes

Hawaii Calls

Directed by Edward F. Cline

Bobby Breen .... Billy Coulter
Ned Sparks .... Strings
Irvin S. Cobb .... Captain O'Hare
Warren Hull .... Commander Milburn
Gloria Holden .... Mrs. Milburn
Juanita Quigley .... Doris Milburn
Mamo Clark .... Hina
Pua Lani .... Pua
Raymond Paige .... Himself
Herbert Rawlinson .... Harlow
Ward Bond .... Muller

After being nabbed while trying to stow away on board an ocean liner en route to Hawaii, young Bobby Breen sings for his travel fare and, along with sidekick Pua, turns detective to recover stolen naval documents from crooks. 63 Minutes