Films of Spencer Williams

Stars: Cathryn Caviness, Myra D. Hemmings
Director: Spencer Williams
Runtime: 57 Minutes / 54 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR

Price: $9.95


The Blood of Jesus

Directed by Spencer Williams

Cathryn Caviness .... Sister Martha Ann Jackson
Spencer Williams .... Razz Jackson
Juanita Riley .... Sister Jenkins
Reather Hardeman .... Sister Ellerby
Rogenia Goldthwaite .... The Angel
James B. Jones .... Satan
Frank H. McClennan .... Judas Green
Eddie DeBase .... Rufus Brown
Alva Fuller .... Luke Williams
Rev. R.L. Robertson
The Heavenly Choir .... Group Singers

In the rural south of the United States, a godly young woman is accidentally wounded by her unchurched husband. She succumbs to the injuries, whereupon a good angel bids her to journey with him to the Crossroads of Life. Before she can travel far, the devil lures her with the temptations of juke joints and the city. Can she regain the straight and narrow before it's too late? And what is to become of those she left behind? The film was so successful that Spencer Williams was offered a ten-year contract to produce eight more films with his company. 57 Minutes

Go Down, Death!

Directed by Spencer Williams

Myra D. Hemmings
Samuel H. James
Eddye L. Houston
Spencer Williams .... Big Jim Bottoms
Amos Droughan
Walter McMillion
Irene Campbell
Charlie Washington
Helen Butler
Dolly Jones

Original Taglines:

"The Wages of Sin is Death and as Ye Sow, so Shall Ye Reap"... Sayeth the Scriptures!

Saturday Sinners and Sunday Saints Clash in the Battle of Good Against Evil!

A bar owner (Spencer Williams) attempts to discredit the new preacher with whom he is feuding by framing him with a photograph showing him drinking with women with bad reputations. The last five minutes feature the villain's surrealistic trip to hell that smacks of Salvador Dali, Catholic iconography and other medieval influences. Unforgettably weird.

54 Minutes