Badge of Honor - Drums of Africa

Stars: Buster Crabbe, Ruth Hall, Ralph Lewis, Charles Middleton, Sheila Darcy
Director: Spencer Gordon Bennet / Harry L. Fraser
Runtime: 60 minutes / 61 minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R (region free)
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95

A Buster Crabbe double feature!

Badge of Honor

Director: Spencer Gordon Bennet (as Spencer Bennet)

Buster Crabbe  ... Bob Gordon
Ruth Hall  ... Helen Brewster
Ralph Lewis  ... Randall Brewster
Betty Blythe  ... Mrs. Claire van Alstyne
John Trent  ... Harvey Larkin
Ernie Adams  ... 'Tip' Crane
Allan Cavan  ... Preston, the Lawyer
Charles McAvoy  ... 'Trim' Fuller
Broderick O'Farrell  ... Howard Kent
William Arnold  ... Andrew Comstock

Bob Gordon might just get his chance to be a newspaper man when he impresses Helen, the daughter of Randall Brewster who owns the local paper. Only his new boss, Harvey Larkin, seems to have it in for him, because he wants the paper to fail. Can one honest newsman get the story and bust the  conspiracy. 60 minutes

Drums of Africa
(A.K.A. Jungle Man - 1941)

Director: Harry L. Fraser (as Harry Fraser)

Buster Crabbe  ... Dr. Robert Hammond, aka Junga
Charles Middleton  ... Rev. James 'Jim' Graham
Sheila Darcy  ... Betty Graham
Vince Barnett  ... Buckthorn 'Buck' the Guide
Weldon Heyburn  ... Bruce Kellogg
Robert Carson  ... Andy
Paul Scott  ... William Graham
Hal Price  ... Capt. Aleck
Floyd Shackelford  ... Friday

Thrillseekers come to Africa  on an expedition to photograph the fabled City of the Dead. Deep in the jungle among friendly natives they meet Dr. Robert Hammond who is working tireless to cure a deadly sickness. The expedition must contend with wild animals and savage natives but when the sickness strikes its up to Dr. Hammond to save the day. 61 minutes