Mystery Liner & Night Alarm

Stars: Noah Beery, Astrid Allwyn and Edwin Maxwell / Bruce Cabot, Judith Allen and H.B. Warner
Director: William Nigh / Spencer Gordon Bennet
Runtime: 126 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95

Mystery Liner

Director: William Nigh

Noah Beery  ... Capt. John Holling
Astrid Allwyn  ... Lila Kane
Edwin Maxwell  ... Major Pope
Gustav von Seyffertitz  ... Inspector Von Kessling
Ralph Lewis  ... Prof. Grimson
Cornelius Keefe  ... First Officer Cliff Rogers
Zeffie Tilbury  ... Granny Plimpton
Boothe Howard  ... Capt. Downey
Howard C. Hickman  ... Dr. Howard
Jerry Stewart  ... Edgar Morton
George 'Gabby' Hayes  ... Joe, the watchman
George Cleveland  ... Simms the Steward
John M. Sullivan  ... Watson

John Holling the captain of the luxury liner Guthrie is suddenly stricken with insanity just before his vessel is about to test out Professor Grimson's S-505 remote steering device! When it is learned that someone who is willing to commit murder is trying to steal the S-505, Major Pope shows up to protect the device. Now can the culprits be found on a ship full of crew and passengers? 62 Minutes

Night Alarm

Director: Spencer Gordon Bennet

Bruce Cabot  ... Hal Ashby
Judith Allen  ... Helen Smith
H.B. Warner  ... Henry B. Smith
Sam Hardy  ... Editor Stephen Caldwell
Harry Holman  ... Mayor Wilson
Harold Minjir  ... Mosley
John Bleifer  ... Dr. Alexander Dexter
Betty Blythe  ... Mrs. Elizabeth Van Dusen
Tom Hanlon  ... Vincent Van Dusen
Fuzzy Knight  ... Dinner Club Comedian

Reporter Hal Ashby is bored with writing spots for the gardening section and gets a chance to investigate the local spat of arson in the city. Ashby soon believes the fires involve corruption at the highest level, he suspects the mayor, the police chief, and the wealthy businessman Henry B. Smith, who just happens to be the father of fellow reporter Helen.  64 Minutes