Films of Edgar G. Ulmer

Stars: Ruth Roland, Roland Drew, Doris Covert, Diane Sinclair, Lyman Williams
Director: Edgar G. Ulmer
Runtime: 336 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White (1 color short)
Format:  Three DVD-R Discs
Rating: NR
Price: $14.95

Films of Edgar G. Ulmer

Edgar G. Ulmer apprenticed with F. W. Murnau to become a talented director in his own right and is remembered for his striking visual style. Blacklisted from the major Hollywood Studios he spent much of his career directing low-budget films on poverty row. This three disc set includes three features directed by Ulmer as well as eight short subjects that he worked on as director or art director.

A special thank you to Eric Grayson for his assistance on this release.

~ Disc One ~


The first feature Ulmer directed in North America. This film details the impact of a venereal disease on an otherwise happy couple. Shot in Hollywood for the Canadian Social Hygiene Council, it was premiered in Toronto. At last the complete version. 69 minutes

In this lecture film that followed Damaged Lives, Dr. Gordon Bates discusses the female reproductive system as well as the venereal diseases gonorrhea and syphilis, their transmission and their horrific effects if untreated. 21 minutes

A story depicting Native Americans’ struggle against Tuberculosis. 22 minutes

~ Disc Two ~


This very rare Ulmer film features Ruth Roland in her last role alongside Roland Drew in a mystery about murder, blackmail and stolen jewels . 62 minutes

Three fiction shorts teaching about Tuberculosis prevention.
CLOUD IN THE SKY - 19 minutes
THEY DO COME BACK - 16 minutes
GOODBYE, MR. GERM - 14 minutes

~ Disc Three ~


A screen adaptation of the Ukrainian Operetta of the same name. 83 minutes

Three short subjects

(THE ARMY HIT KIT) PISTOL PACKIN’ MAMA (1943) with Ann Corio - color, 7 minutes
WAY DOWN SOUTH (1930) with Giuseppe Creatore and his Band - 10 minutes
LET MY PEOPLE LIVE (1938) Sponsored by the National Tuberculosis Association - 13 minutes