Jack Hoxie Double Feature

Stars: Jack Hoxie, Betty Boyd, Mary Carr, Paul Fix, Harry Tod, J. Frank Glendon, Lane Chandler, Kaye Edwards, Ben Corbett
Director: Lewis D. Collins
Runtime: 54 Minutes / 52 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  B&W
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95

Jack Hoxie Double Feature

Gun Law

Directed by Lewis D. Collins

Jack Hoxie ... The Sonora Kid
Betty Boyd ... Nita Hammond
Mary Carr ... Mother Andrews
Paul Fix ... Tony Andrews
Harry Todd ... 'Black' Jack
J. Frank Glendon ... Nevada Smith
Otto Lederer ... The Barber
William P. Burt ... Banker Jake Lawson
Bob Burns ... Marshal Jim Hawkins
Dynamite the Horse ... Dynamite, the Sonora Kid's Horse

As the Sonora Kid, Blackjack, and Tony Andrews are escaping from the Sheriff, Tony is mortally wounded. Arriving at the Andrews ranch, Tony's blind mother mistakes the Kid for her son. Unable to tell her the truth they stay on. But there is trouble when Nevada Smith and his gang arrive and threaten to expose the hoax unless the Kid lets them rustle the Andrews cattle.

54 Minutes

Trouble Busters

Directed by Lewis D. Collins

Jack Hoxie ... Tex Blaine
Lane Chandler ... Jim Perkins
Kaye Edwards ... Mary Ann Perkins
Harry Todd ... Skinny Cassidy
Ben Corbett ... Windy Wallace
Slim Whitaker ... Big Bill Jarvis
William P. Burt ... Dan Alle
Roger Williams ... Placerville Sheriff
Dynamite the Horse ... Dynamite, Tex's Horse

Leaving town with the Sheriff after him, Tex joins up with the Trouble Busters Skinny and Windy. In Placerville he runs into trouble with Bill Jarvis leading to a mad rush to file on oil rich land.

52 Minutes