Burning Daylight (1928)

Stars: Milton Sills, Doris Kenyon, Arthur Stone, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams
Director: Charles Brabin
Runtime: 71 Minutes
Language: English inter-titles - Orchestra Music Score
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR
Price: $16.95

Burning Daylight

Directed by Charles Brabin

Milton Sills ... Elam 'Burning Daylight' Harnish
Doris Kenyon ... Virgie
Arthur Stone ... French Louie
Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams ... English Harry
Lawford Davidson ... Morton
Jane Winton ... Martha Fairbee
Stuart Holmes ... Blake
Edmund Breese ... John Dossett
Howard Truesdale ... Letton
Frank Hagney ... Johnson
Harry Northrup ... The Stranger

Burning Daylight's taste for speculation and gambling leads him to San Francisco, where he's taken in by a group of corrupt capitalists and a Woman from the City who lures him away from the faithful Vergie, the former dance-hall girl turned stenographer who has followed him to the big city. Cheated by his so-called business partners, Burning Daylight realizes his mistake and administers a little frontier justice before escaping with Vergie back to Alaska. This is the third version of Jack London's novel BURNING DAYLIGHT (1910); others were filmed in 1914 and 1920.

71 Minutes