Nosferatu (1922)

Stars: Max Schreck, Alexander Gramach
Director: F. W. Murnau
Runtime: 84 Minutes
Language: English subtitles - Music score
Color:  Tinted and Toned Black and White
Format:  DVD-R (review)
Extras: The General Store with Bobby Dunn
Rating: NR

Price: $7.95 (discontinued)


Directed by F. W. Murnau

Max Schreck - Alexander Gramach
Gustav von Wangemheim - Greta Schroeder

F.W. Murnau's version of the 'Dracula' legend follows the familiar story of Count Orloc moving from his ruined castle to the city of Wisborg, after the visit of Jonathan Harker. Once there he becomes involved with Jonathan's fiancée Nina, who alone holds the power to destroy him. Max Schreck and Murnau were able to create an image of the vampire that remains in your mind long after seeing it.

84 Minutes

Included short:

"The General Store"

with Bobby Dunn




This is a definite must in ANY collection! A breakthrough in the genre of horror films, this is one of the first vampire films & set the mold for future Dracula pieces. The Stoker estate did not want to release the rights to Murnau so they decided to call it NOSFERATU (Undead). The film is still legendary fifty years plus later from SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE with Willem Dafoe playing the Dracula role (where he was nominated for best supporting actor) to Herzog's NOSFERATU shooting practically frame for frame with a clever difference, making Klaus Kinski's vampire more tragic & compassionate to Tim Burton's BATMAN RETURNS naming Christopher Walken's character Max Schreck, the name of the lead in Murnau's picture. In Germany, despite his short output( died early in life), F W Murnau has a film institute named after him for his reputable contribution to that country's film industry.

Still holds up despite the quaintness of film techniques, it is very gothic, excellent moods, shot in ancient locations. It's the same old Dracula formula but done really well minus the gore. The lead is really quirky & eccentric, in real life no one knew who Max Schreck was, thus the basis of SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE (a must see after you've seen this!!). This is on my top five all time best horror-fantasy films! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

 Also added for comic relief is THE GENERAL STORE with Bobby Dunn.

 - Nelson Santini