Speak Easily (1932)

Stars: Buster Keaton, Jimmy Durante, Ruth Selwyn, Thelma Todd
Director: Edward Sedgwick
Runtime: 92 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Extras: Palooka from Paducah
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95


Directed by Edward Sedgwick

Buster Keaton
Jimmy Durante
Ruth Selwyn
Thelma Todd
Hedda Hopper - William Pawley
Sidney Toler - Lawrence Grant
Henry Armetta - Edward Brophy
Oscar Apfel - Sidney Bracey
Jim Farley - DeWitt Jennings
Fred Kelsey - Inez Palange
Harry Tenbrook

Naive and bookish Professor Post inherits a huge amount of money and decides that now he can afford to go out and enjoy life. He falls for a dancer in a bad stage show, and with his new money decides to buy the show and take it to Broadway. 92 Minutes

Short subject

Palooka From Paducah

with The Keaton Family - 18 Minutes