Rainbow on the River (1936)

Stars: Bobby Breen, May Robson, Charles Butterworth
Director: Kurt Neumann
Runtime: 79 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95

Rainbow on the River

Director: Kurt Neumann

Bobby Breen  ... Philip Ainsworth
May Robson  ... Mrs. Harriet Ainsworth
Charles Butterworth  ... Barrett
Alan Mowbray  ... Ralph Layton
Benita Hume  ... Julia Layton
Henry O'Neill  ... Father Josef
Louise Beavers  ... Toinette
Marilyn Knowlden  ... Lucille Layton
Hall Johnson Choir  ... Choral Ensemble

Young and charming Phillip, an orphan of the Civil War, has grown up in Olde New Orleans under the loving care of his guardian Toinette. But when the local priest Father Josef uncovers that Phillip may have a grandmother from the north Phillip is soon leaving the only family he has ever known to live in New York! At first poor Phillip is little excepted, his curmudgeonly grandmother Mrs. Ainsworth even refusing to believe she could have an unknown grandson. Yet his earnest nature and good manners soon start to win them over, of course with the help of some beautiful singing! Bobby Breen delights with several songs throughout! 79 Minutes.