Johnny Mack Brown Double Feature #3

Stars: Johnny Mack Brown, Iris Meredith, Charles King, James Ellison, Noel Neill
Director: Sam Newfield /Derwin Abrahams
Runtime: 53 Minutes / 57 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR

The Gambling Terror

Director: Sam Newfield

Johnny Mack Brown  ... Jeff Hayes
Iris Meredith  ... Betty Garret
Charles King  ... Brett
Dick Curtis  ... Dirk
Ted Adams  ... Sheriff
Horace Murphy  ... Missouri Bill
Earl Dwire  ... Homer Bradley
Frank Ball  ... Garret the Editor
Bobby Nelson  ... Jerry Garret
Lloyd Ingraham  ... Old Man
Emma Tansey  ... Old Woman
Budd Buster  ... Rancher Shorty

Jeff Hayes rolls into town to set up a honest gambling room but the soon learns the town folk are being menaced by a protection outfit and only Garret, the the editor of Weekly Star, seems determined to resist the criminals! Hayes too has no intention of paying a protection racket and sets out to take out the racket.  53 minutes

Whistling Hills

Director: Derwin Abrahams

Johnny Mack Brown  ... Johnny Mack Brown
James Ellison  ... Sheriff Dave Holland
Noel Neill  ... Beth Fairchild
I. Stanford Jolley  ... Chet Norman
Marshall Reed  ... Roger Claine
Pamela Duncan  ... Waitress Cora
Lee Roberts  ... Henchman Slade
Pierce Lyden  ... Horse-Thief Cassidy
Bud Osborne  ... Stagecoach-Driver Pete

Johnny Mack Brown comes to town chasing a horse thief and ends helping the sheriff investigate a string of bloody stage coach robberies that have taken place in the Whistling Hills. The chief suspect: A whistling Spanish ghost! 57 minutes