Hungarian Rhapsody (1928)

Stars: Lil Dagover, Willy Fritsch & Dita Parlo
Director: Hanns Schwarz
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Language: English inter-titles - Orchestra score
Extra: Pedigreedy with Felix the Cat 7 Minutes
Color:  Black & White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR

Price: $16.95

Ungarische Rhapsodie
Hungarian Rhapsody

Directed by Hanns Schwarz

Lil Dagover ... Camilla
Willy Fritsch ... Franz
Dita Parlo ... Marika
Fritz Greiner ... Gutsverwalter Doczy
Gisela Bathory ... Frau Doczy
Erich Kaiser-Titz ... General Hoffmann
Leopold Kramer ... Baron Barsody
Andor Heltai ... Ein Zigeunerprimas
Harry Hardt ... Oberleutnant Barany
Osvaldo Valenti ... Der Fähnrich
Paul Hörbiger ... Kellner
Max Wogritsch ... Bischof

Franz, an impoverished army officer wants to marry Marika, the daughter of a foreman. Without money he is unable to, so he turns to the wiles of Camilla, The General’s bored wife. The General hears of the tryst and tries to catch the lovers together.

70 Minutes

Included short subject:


with Felix the Cat

7 Minutes