The Drifter - The Stoker

Stars: William Farnum, Monte Blue, Noah Beery, Dorothy Burgess and Phyllis Barrington
Director: William A. O'Connor / Chester M. Franklin
Runtime: 66 Minutes & 79 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95

The Drifter

Director: William A. O'Connor

William Farnum  ... The Drifter
Noah Beery  ... John McNary
Phyllis Barrington  ... Bonnie McNary
Charles Sellon  ... Whitey
Bruce Warren  ... Paul LaTour
Russell Hopton  ... Montana
Ann Brody  ... Marie
Ynez Seabury  ... Yvonne

The Drifter stops at his old family cabin on his travels and happens to meet a convict whom he befriends, together they are soon in the middle of troubles in a nearby lumber town. 66 Minutes

The Stoker

Director: Chester M. Franklin

Monte Blue  ... Dick Martin
Dorothy Burgess  ... Margarita Valdez
Noah Beery  ... Santini
Natalie Moorhead  ... Vera Martin
Richard Tucker  ... Alan Ballard
Clarence Geldart  ... Senor Valdez
Charles Stevens  ... Ernesto
Harry J. Vejar  ... Jailer
Chris-Pin Martin  ... Chief of Police

Dick Martin loses everything and begins a new life as a coal Stoker onboard a vessel to points South. 79 Minutes