High Gear - Roaring Roads

Stars: James Murray, Joan Marsh, David Sharp, Gertrude Messinger, Mickey Daniels
Director: Leigh Jason / Charles E. Roberts
Runtime: 61 Minutes / 56 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR

Price: $9.95

High Gear

Directed by Leigh Jason

James Murray ... Mark 'High Gear' Sherrod
Joan Marsh ... Anne Merritt
Jackie Searl ... Jimmy Evans
Eddie Lambert ... Jake Cohen, Janitor
Ann Brody ... Mrs. Cohen
Theodore von Eltz ... Larry 'Keyhole' Winston
Lee Moran ... Howard, Mechanic
Mike Donlin ... Ed Evans
Gordon De Main ... Edwards

A racecar driver's life spins out of control when the second in his racecar dies after a crash. He adopts his partner's son and fulfills the partner's dream of sending his son to military school. 61 Minutes

Roaring Roads

Directed by Charles E. Roberts

David Sharpe ... David Morton aka David Smith
Gertrude Messinger ... Gertrude 'Gertie' McDowell
Mary Kornman ... Mary McDowell
Mickey Daniels ... Mickey Daniels
Jack Mulhall ... Donald McDowell
Eddie Phillips ... Gangster
Vera Lewis ... Aunt Harriet
Heinie Conklin ... Bodyguar
Al Thompson ... Bodyguard
Matty Fain ... Henchman
Charles Moyer ... Henchman
Helen Hunt ... Aunt Agatha
Fred Kohler Jr. ... Sam

Young David Morton, heir to millions, has been over-zealously restrained from normal youthful activities by his two old-maid aunts. He escapes his confinement, changes his name and meets lovely Gertrude. He promises to race her injured-brother's car in the Big Race. Between the gangsters trying to win the race by disabling him, and his bungling bodyguards trying to bring him home safely, David has a battle to win the race and Gertrude's heart. 56 Minutes