Police Patrol - Laughing at Life

Stars: Madge Bellamy, Pat O'Malley and James Flavin / Victor McLaglen, Conchita Montenegro and William Boyd
Director: Harry S. Webb / Ford Beebe
Runtime: 61 Minutes & 61 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95

A crime drama double feature!

Police Patrol
a.k.a. Riot Squad

Director: Harry S. Webb

Madge Bellamy  ... Lil Daley
Pat O'Malley  ... Det. Bob Larkin
James Flavin  ... Det. Mack McCue
Addison Richards  ... Diamonds Jareck
Harrison Greene  ... Nolan
Ralph Lewis  ... Judge Nathaniel Moore
Alene Carroll  ... Peggy Moore
Bee Eddels  ... Ruth, the maid
Kit Guard  ... Pug-nosed henchman
Charles De La Motte

Detective Bob Larkin and Mack McCue are partners who have arrested crocked club owner Nolan for murder. However "Diamonds" Jarek is out to save his pal Nolen and so sends the lovely mantrap Lil Daley to compromise the detectives. Things don't work out as Diamonds planned though and soon the detectives are fighting over Lil. 61 Minutes

Laughing at Life

Director: Ford Beebe

Victor McLaglen  ... Dennis P. McHale
Conchita Montenegro  ... Panchita
William 'Stage' Boyd  ... Inspector Mason
Lois Wilson  ... Mrs. McHale
Henry B. Walthall  ... President Valenzuela
Regis Toomey  ... Pat Collins / Mc Hale
Ruth Hall  ... Alice Lawton
Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams  ... Jones
Dewey Robinson  ... Smith
Ivan Lebedeff  ... Don Flavio Montenegro
Mathilde Comont  ... Mamacita
Noah Beery  ... Hauseman
J. Farrell MacDonald  ... The Warden
Tully Marshall  ... Stone
Henry Armetta  ... Fruit Vendor

Dennis McHale is a real rascal, and when Mason comes to arrest him he gleefully goes on the run. After years traveling the globe and countless criminal and heroic adventures, he is now a mercenary in South America where he has been hired to organize a revolutionary army. 61 Minutes