The Big Show-Off / A Song for Miss Julie

Stars: Arthur Lake, Dale Evans, Shirley Ross, Barton Hepburn
Director: Howard Bretherton / William Rowland
Runtime: 60 Minutes / 67 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR

Price: $9.95


The Big Show-Off

Directed by Howard Bretherton

Arthur Lake .... Sandy Elliott, Shy Pianist
Dale Evans .... June Mayfield, Night Club Singer
Lionel Stander .... Joe Bagley, Club Owner
George Meeker .... Wally Porter, Club MC
Paul Hurst .... The Devil, Masked Wrestling Champion
Marjorie Manners .... Mitzi
Sammy Stein .... Boris the Bulgar, Wrestler
Louis Adlon .... Muckenfuss
Anson Weeks .... Orchestra Leader

Original Music by Dave Oppenheim (songs "Cleo from Rio" and "Hoops My Dear")

Original Taglines: “A riot of revelry...As a meek pianist turns wrestler...And gets himself all tangled up with love!” - “ he manhandles the hands of blondes!” - “JUST A Devil WITH THE WOMEN...but really an ANGEL in disguise!”

Joe Bagley (Lionel Stander),owner of the Blue Heaven Club, tries to foster a romance between shy pianist Sandy Elliott (Arthur Lake)and band vocalist June Mayfield (Dale Evans). Joe tells June that Sandy is really a professional, masked wrestler known as "The Devil." Wally Porter (George Meeker), also in love with June doesn't believe the story. The real wrestler breaks a leg in a match and Sandy, in order to keep up the ruse now has to wear a cast on his leg. June attends a match and hears the real Devil announce his engagement to another girl. 60 Minutes

Please note: there is a butterfly scratch in this film that runs for about 20 minutes.

A Song for Miss Julie

Directed by William Rowland

Shirley Ross .... Valerie
Barton Hepburn .... George Kimbro
Jane Farrar .... Julie
Roger Clark .... Steve
Cheryl Walker .... Marcelle
Elisabeth Risdon .... Mrs. Charteris
Lillian Randolph .... Eliza
Peter Garey .... Pete
Renie Riano .... Mrs. Calhoun
Harry Crocker .... John Firbank

Original Music by Del Cleveland (song "Bayou Calls")

A play is being written about an older actor. His Southern granddaughter holds the rights to his estate, and is rather reluctant to give info about her grandfather to some visiting New York playwrights. 67 Minutes