Ferocious Pal - Law of the Wolf

Stars: Kazan, Rin Tin Tin, Dennis Moore
Director: Spencer Gordon Bennet and Bernard B. Ray
Runtime: 50 Minutes / 53 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black & White (Quality Alert)
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR

Price: $9.95

Ferocious Pal

Directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet

Kazan the Wonder Dog ... Kazan
Ruth Sullivan ... Patricia Boliver
Robert Seiter ... Dr. Tom Elliott
Gene Toler ... Johnny 'Digs' Diggins
Tom London ... Dave Brownell
Harry Dunkinson ... Sheriff Dick Williams
Nelson McDowell ... Charlie
Henry Roquemore ... Uncle Eb Boliver
Grace Wood ... Aunt Martha Boliver
Edward Cecil ... Sykes
Bud Osborne ... Tramp #1
Eva McKenzie ... Woman #1 at dogfight
Fay McKenzie ... Young girl at dogfight

A runaway girl, her teenage friend and a stray German Shepherd end up at her uncle's ranch in Oregon, where a gang of villains have been rustling sheep. Can Kazan protect their new home? 50 minutes.

NOTE: Film complete but a lot of wear on the print.

Law of the Wolf

Directed by Bernard B. Ray

Dennis Moore ... Carl Pearson
Luana Walters ... Ruth Adams
George Chesebro ... Duke Williams
Steve Clark ... John Andrews
Jack Ingram ... Roger Morgan
Robert Frazer ... Lt. Franklin
Jimmy Aubrey ... Uncle Jim
Martin Spellman ... Johnny
Robert Gordon ... Bobby
Rin Tin Tin III ... Rinty

Carl Pearson (Moore) who was wrongly convicted of killing his brother escapes prison with the aid of another convict. Can Pearson evade the police and the actual killer long enough to clear his name and recover his late brother's plans for an experimental airplane? 53 minutes