The Flying Serpent (1943)

Stars: George Zucco, Ralph Lewis, Hope Kramer, Eddie Acuff, Wheaton Chambers
Director: Sam Newfield
Runtime: 58 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR

Title no longer available

The Flying Serpent

Directed by Sam Newfield

George Zucco ... Prof. Andrew Forbes
Ralph Lewis ... Richard Thorpe
Hope Kramer ... Mary Forbes
Eddie Acuff ... Jerry 'Jonsey' Jones
Wheaton Chambers ... Louis Havener
James Metcalf ... Dr. Lambert
Henry Hall ... Sheriff Bill Hayes
Milton Kibbee ... Hastings
Budd Buster ... Head of Inquest
Terry Frost ... Vance Bennett

A demented archaeologist, Professor Andrew Forbes, discovers a hidden Aztec treasure and a living, breathing feathered serpent creature known to the Aztecs as Quetzalcoatl (the Killer Bird God) and accidentally kills his wife by giving her one of the beast's feathers. Through this accident he discovers the creature will track down and kill anyone who possesses its feathers. Now Professor Forbes uses this twisted knowledge to exact revenge upon his enemies by placing one of the serpent's feathers on his intended victim. 58 Minutes