Murder on the High Seas - Sunset Murder Case

Stars: Jack Mulhall, Natalie Moorhead, Clara Kimball Young, Sally Rand, Esther Muir
Director: Robert F. Hill / Louis J. Gasnier
Runtime: 60 Minutes / 61 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR

Price: $9.95

Murder on the High Seas
(a.k.a.) Love Bound

Directed by Robert F. Hill

Jack Mulhall ... Richard 'Dick' Randolph
Natalie Moorhead ... Verna Wilson
Clara Kimball Young ... Mrs. Jane Randolph
Edmund Breese ... J.B. 'Lucky' Morrison
Tom Ricketts ... The Baron
Alice Day ... Claudia Elliott
William V. Mong ... Verna's Crooked Lawyer
Montagu Love ... John Randolph

This well shot and beautifully composed murder mystery has Verna Wilson as the wonderful villainess. At times during the film you will be transfixed by her ghostly and ghastly whiteness against the black backgrounds as she postures and poses, prances and plots.

60 Minutes

The Sunset Murder Case

Directed by Louis J. Gasnier

Sally Rand ... Kathy O'Connor
Esther Muir ... Lora Wynne
Vince Barnett ... Barney
Paul Sutton ... Bapti Stephani
Lona Andre ... Nita Madera
Mary Brodel ... Jane Baird
George Douglas ... Carlo Rossmore
Reed Hadley ... Oliver Helton

This is Sally Rand's last feature film. Although it is not really a mystery as you know early on who the bad guys are. Some great one liners and nice dialog from some engaging characters make this a very entertaining piece of cinema history.

NOTE: There was a slight sound problem on the film print during Rand's bubble dance. It only lasted a short time before returning to normal.

61 Minutes