Midnight Manhunt - The Amazing Mr. X

Stars: William Gargan, Ann Savage, Leo Gorcey, George Zucco, Turhan Bey, Lynn Bari, Cathy O'Donnell
Director: William C. Thomas / Bernard Vorhaus
Runtime: 62 Minutes / 78 Minutes
Language: English
Color: Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95

Midnight Manhunt

Directed by William C. Thomas

William Gargan .... Pete Willis
Ann Savage .... Sue Gallagher
Leo Gorcey .... Clutch Tracy
George Zucco .... Jelke
Paul Hurst .... Murphy
Don Beddoe .... Det. Lt. Max Hurley
Charles Halton .... Henry Miggs

A gangster is shot in his hotel room and manages to make his way to a nearby wax museum, where he dies. A female reporter discovers the body and determines to break the case, but she must maneuver around a rival reporter--who happens to be her boyfriend--who also wants to break the case and the killer himself, who wants to find out where the body disappeared to. 62 Minutes

The Amazing Mr. X

Directed by Bernard Vorhaus

Turhan Bey .... Alexis
Lynn Bari .... Christine Faber
Cathy O'Donnell .... Janet Burke
Richard Carlson .... Martin Abbott

On the beach one night, Christine Faber, two years a widow, thinks she hears her late husband Paul calling out of the surf...then meets a tall dark man, Alexis, who seems to know all about such things. After more ghostly manifestations, Christine and younger sister Janet become enmeshed in the eerie artifices of Alexis; but he in turn finds himself manipulated into deeper deviltry than he had in mind. 78 Minutes