The Monster Walks - The Thirteenth Guest

Stars: Rex Lease, Vera Reynolds, Sheldon Lewis, Mischa Auer, Ginger Rogers, Lyle Talbot, J. Farrell MacDonald, Paul Hurst
Director: Frank R. Strayer / Albert Ray
Runtime: 63 Minutes - 69 Minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95

The Monster Walks

Directed by Frank R. Strayer

Rex Lease - Vera Reynolds
Sheldon Lewis - Mischa Auer

Ruth Earlton and her fiance Dr. Ted Carver arriving at her old family home, joining her uncle Robert for the reading of her late father's will. Ruth remembers old fears when she discovers an ape, the subject of her fathers medical experiments is still alive in the basement. 63  Minutes

The Thirteenth Guest

Director: Albert Ray

Ginger Rogers - Lyle Talbot
J. Farrell MacDonald - Paul Hurst

13 years ago there was a dinner party, at which the 13th guest failed to show up. The master of the manor has died, and left his estate to this mysterious thirteenth guest. Now someone is murdering the original guests, and placing their dead bodies at the table, in the same seat they had occupied 13 years before. 69  Minutes