The Phantom of 42nd Street - Inner Sanctum

Stars: Dave O'Brien, Charles Russell, Kay Aldridge, Mary Beth Hughes, Alan Mowbray and Dale Belding
Director: Albert Herman / Lew Landers
Runtime: 58 minutes & 62 minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR
Price: $9.95

The Phantom of 42nd Street

Director: Albert Herman

Dave O'Brien  ... Tony Woolrich
Kay Aldridge  ... Claudia Moore
Alan Mowbray  ... Cecil Moore
Frank Jenks  ... Egbert Egelhofer, aka Romeo
Edythe Elliott  ... Janis Buchanan
Jack Mulhall  ... Lt. Walsh
Vera Marshe  ... Ginger
Stanley Price  ... Reggie Thomas
John Crawford  ... John Carraby
Cyril Delevanti  ... Roberts
Paul Power  ... Timothy Wells

Theatre critic Anthony Woolrich is drawn into a mystery when a costumed phantom targets the family and associates of his actor friend, the famous Cecil Moore, for very theatrical murders. 58 minutes.

Inner Sanctum

Director: Lew Landers

Charles Russell  ... Harold Dunlap
Mary Beth Hughes  ... Jean Maxwell
Dale Belding  ... Mike Bennett
Billy House  ... McFee
Fritz Leiber  ... Dr. Valonius
Nana Bryant  ... Mrs. Mitchell
Lee Patrick  ... Ruth Bennett
Roscoe Ates  ... Willie
Eddie Parks  ... Barney
Eve Miller  ... Marie Kembar

Onboard a train the peculiar Dr. Valonius tells fellow traveler Marie Kembar a bizarre cautionary tale of murder and mystery. A tale about a murderer stranded in a small town by a flood, trapped with the evidence of his crime and a possible witness... where will his macabre story end and will Marie take heed? 62 minutes