Tillie's Punctured Romance - Tillie Wakes Up

Stars: Marie Dressler, Charles Chaplin, Mabel Normand and Johnny Hines
Director: Mack Sennett / Harry Davenport
Runtime: 117 Minutes
Language: English subtitles - music score
Color:  Tinted & Toned / Black & White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR
Price: $16.95

*NOTE: This product was updated July 10th 2014; new digital transfers with an an additional 29 minutes of ‘Tillie’s Punctured Romance’ from a tinted print and a re-edited version of ‘Tillie Wakes Up’.
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Tillie's Punctured Romance

Director: Mack Sennett

Marie Dressler  ... Tillie
Charles Chaplin  ... The City Guy
Mabel Normand  ... The Other Girl
Mack Swain  ... Tillie's Father
Charles Bennett  ... Tillie's Millionaire Uncle
Chester Conklin  ... Mr. Whoozis

Charlie, the daper city guy, woos Tillie, the farmer's daughter, to get her father's money. However he just can't seem to get the money away from Tillie to enjoy time with his other girl. 71 Minutes

Tillie Wakes Up

Director: Harry Davenport

Marie Dressler  ... Tillie Tinkelpaw
Johnny Hines  ... J. Mortimer Pipkins
Frank Beamish  ... Henry Tinkelpaw
Rubye De Remer  ... Mrs. Luella Pipkins
Ruth Barrett  ... Mrs. Nosey
Jack Brawn  ... Mr. Nosey

Tillie and J. Mortimer are less than happy with their spouses, each being left idle at home for long hours. When J. Mortimer decides to take an unapproved day on the town, he encounters Tillie and together they flee their apartment building for fun and excitement! 46 minutes.

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