X Marks the Spot - Gambler's Choice

Stars: Damian O'Flynn, Helen Parrish, Chester Morris, Nancy Kelly, Russell Hayden
Director: George Sherman / Frank McDonald
Runtime: 53 minutes / 66 minutes
Language: English
Color:  Black and White
Format:  DVD-R
Rating: NR

Price: $9.95

X Marks the Spot

Directed by George Sherman

Damian O'Flynn ... Eddie Delaney
Helen Parrish ... Linda Ward
Dick Purcell ... Lieutenant William 'Bill' Decker
Jack La Rue ... Marty Clark
Neil Hamilton ... John J. Underwood
Robert Homans ... Police Sergeant Timothy J. Delaney
Anne Jeffreys ... Lulu
Dick Wessel ... Henchman Dizzy
Esther Muir ... Bonnie Bascomb
Joe Kirk ... Henchman Jerry
Edna Mae Harris ... Billie
Fred Kelsey ... Police Officer Martin
Vince Barnett ... George

Linda helps Eddie, a private detective about to enter the Army, investigate the murder of his cop father by gangsters who are in the stolen tires racket. 53 minutes

Gambler’s Choice

Directed by Frank McDonald

Chester Morris ... Ross Hadley
Nancy Kelly ... Mary Hayes aka Vi Parker
Russell Hayden ... Mike McGlennon
Lee Patrick ... Fay Lawrence
Lloyd Corrigan ... Ulysses S. Rogers
Sheldon Leonard ... Chappie Wilson
Lyle Talbot ... Yellow Gloves Weldon
Maxine Lewis ... Bonnie D'Arcy
Tom Dugan ... Benny
Charles Arnt ... John McGrady
Billy Nelson ... Danny May

A great cast makes this familiar tale of friends who become separated in childhood. One becomes a gamble, the other a policeman and both are in love with the same woman. A well produced Paramount B film. 66 minutes